World’s Best Cheeseburger right here in NC


Worlds Best Cheeseburger

The title pretty much sums it up. The Stockyard in Siler City, NC is home to the World’s Best Cheeseburger! It is the juiciest, cheesiest, and mouth watering best piece of meat you will ever eat. I met some friends there last night to eat dinner and was shocked at the number of people standing in line to order. The Stockyard is a livestock auction that has a restaurant attached to it. Now this place isn’t for just anyone. You pull into a gravel lot that looks like a mud boggin’ pit and when you open your door the stench of cow manure rushes into your nostrils and leaves you gasping for air. Now for us country folk it’s refreshing and a reminder of the great animals god put on this earth for us to eat but if you aren’t from the country..well let’s just say it won’t be your cup of tea.

So the restaurant area of the stockyard is about 800 square feet and sits around 70-100 people. You order your food at 1 of the 2 windows that girls are standing behind taking orders. Bring Cash with you because they don’t accept any other form of payment.  As long as you get there before 6pm your guaranteed to have a table and food fast. If you get there after 6pm then plan to wait in a long line, when I say long I mean sometimes it’s the length of the entire dining area and then some, and don’t plan on sitting in the dining area to eat. You’ll have to take your food into the auction room and eat there.

People will drive from all over the state just to try one of these hamburgers. Not only do people drive from all over but the people that are regulars are willing to wait in line for 40 mins to order and wait another 40 on their food. I like to think of the Stockyard as a countrified Outback, LOL. You’ll see your stereotypical farmers wearing their overalls and cowboys in their wranglers and stetsons. I really love eating there on Friday nights and wish they were open more than just 1 night a week. I guess when you make as much money as they do in one night you can afford to do that.

Here’s some pictures I snapped while I was there. Wouldn’t want you feeling like you missed out, now would I. 😉

Livestock Auction House


Packed Cattle

Young Calves

Aren’t those faces the cutest?! I wanted to take them both home.

Wilbur the Pig

Caught Wilbur sleeping..tried to ask him where Charlotte was but he wanted nothing to do with me.

Curious Goat

Tried to take Curious George home too but couldn’t 🙁 

Wheres Waldo?

Where’s Waldo? Guess this cow didn’t know it was a cow and thought it’s small horns made it a goat. 

What’s your favorite place to get a burger?

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