Cowgirl Fashion: Pink and Black Rodeo Outfit

Ever heard of Rock Revival Jeans? If not, you aren’t alone. I didn’t know about them until recently. My intentions were to go shopping for a new pair of Miss Me Jeans but I came across these and had to get them.

Black Rock Revival Jeans Back Pockets of Rock Revival Jeans

Don’t you like them? Did you see the awesome stitching on the sides? Let me tell you, these jeans fit just like Miss Me’s and are very comfortable! Normally, it’s hard for me to find jeans because the waist will fit but legs are baggy or vise versa. I didn’t have that problem with these. They fit just how I like my jeans to fit in the waist and legs. If you don’t own a pair, you definitely need to check them out.

Since I had these nice new jeans I decided to play around on Polyvore (I’m new to Polyvore but OMG I love it!) and see if I could put together a cute rodeo outfit. Here’s what I came up with? Whatcha think, you like it?

Pink Rodeo Fashion

If those boots weren’t so expensive I swear I’d be buying those today! They are perfect since my colors are pink and black! Ugh, why must cute boots be so darn expensive. Oh! (Light bulb going off) I’ll add them to my Christmas list! 😉 They might be the only thing I get but hey that’s ok. I’ll sacrifice other things to get these.Wouldn’t you?


Question for You:

  • What’s your favorite brand of Jeans? 

  • Is it hard for you to find jeans that fit perfect too or is just me? 



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