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DIY Pole Bending Set

DIY Portable Horse Panels

squamous cell carcinoma tumor on horse eyelid

Squamous Cell Carcinoma on Rumor’s Eyelid

Earlier this year, Rumor, my black and white paint horse had a red spot come up on her eyelid. I was concerned when I first noticed it but didn’t want to rush to have the vet out until I…

nc cowgirl pic

Reflections of a Productive and Fulfilling Week

It’s been 3 full weeks now since I quit my job to follow my dream of running my own business. I originally had plans to write daily about what I was doing with the business but have since realized daily…

wild pony in the mountains

A Mountain Getaway to Recharge My Soul

Earlier this week I went to the mountains of VA to visit Doug, ride horses and just getaway for a few days. I needed to get away so my soul could be recharged and revived. To a certain extent…

Camping Essentials

My Horse Camping Essentials

Fall is finally here and I couldn’t be more happy about it then I am! Fall is my favorite season for many reason but one of them is because I love to camp during this time of year. I…

ken coleman podcast

Life of an Entrepreneur Day 1

In case you missed my announcement yesterday…I quit my day job to run my own business! Day 1 Recap Yesterday felt like an odd day… I wasn’t dreading Monday for once. Seems like that could be a perk to…