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Hello Friends!

It’s been so long since I’ve posted about anything going on in my life besides barrel races. It’s not because I haven’t wanted to, I’ve just been so busy I honestly haven’t had time too. My days have been filled from morning to night with activities and must dos. Right now though, I’ve decided to make time to write because I feel like I need to and because writing helps my soul. So much is going on and I just want to talk about it.


In 3 weeks I’ll be getting married to my best friend and Fireman. We’ve been together 10 years and last year decided we would finally tie the knot. So on June 10th we’ll be saying our I do’s. We’re having a small lakeside ceremony with family and I couldn’t be more excited. As a couple we’ve been through a lot in our time together. We’ve had many ups and downs and many arguements that we thought would be the last one. From the beginning though we both knew what we had was different and special. A few weeks of dating and we were already kidding about eloping on our first beach trip we took. We both were in our early twenties when we started dating and not only grew as individuals but also matured as a couple. It was only in the past couple of years that we really learned how much work and dedication it takes to have a healthy, loving, caring relationship. We learned how to communicate better, put each others needs first and how to be a true family. Today our relationship couldn’t be any stronger or better which is why we both know without a shadow of doubt we’re ready to commit to one another for life. 🙂

Aside from planning a wedding, my family has also been experiencing a tough time. Last Sept. my cousin was diagnosed with ALL Luekemia and she’s only 28. She has 3 beautiful children whom are all very young. Cancer Sucks. Since Sept. she has been in and out of the hospital, had a bone marrow transplant, been told she was in remission, then told it was back full force a few weeks after we all thought it was over. My cousin Rachel is a fighter though. She’s a lot tougher then I think I could ever be in her situation. I pray every day she beats this cancer and stays in remission. I pray for her to return home to her family and see her children grow up, graduate high school and college, get married and start families of their own. I struggle with trying to understand why God let’s things like this happen to good people. God is suppose to be a forgiver and healer, so why does she continue to suffer and not get well. Her faith is strong too, so I know it’s not from a lack of Faith. So what is it. I wish these answers could be more clear. I’m asking you though as my friends, please pray for her and her family. She needs as many prayers as she can get and her kids do too. They’ve spent many months not being able to see their mom and hug her. So if you will, please say a prayer!Rachel Fighting Cancer

If you would like to follow her journey or send her a well wish, you can Like/Follow her page on FB: Fighting Cancer 

For the most part, those two big life events have been taking up my time and my thoughts. Of course, I still spend plenty of afternoons riding and taking care of the horses. Rumor and I still are going to barrel races and as of right now, we are the point leader in 4D for my district. We have one more show in June and then a few months break because of how hot it gets and no one wanting to run barrels in the heat. Not to mention, it can’t be good for our horses. So I’m happy the new Director didn’t put any shows in this summer.

If you’ve been a long time reader, then I’m sure you also know summer time is when I spend most of my free time on the lake. So I’m really excited to finally get the boat out and get back out on the water. If I could have a lake house with a farm, I swear I’d move in a heart beat.

That pretty much sums up what’s been going on and why I haven’t been posting as much as I was. Believe me I want to, I just have been too busy. Hopefully after the wedding life will slow back down and I’ll be able to post more. I’d like to even get back to posting more everyday stuff about riding, the horses and what not. So bare with me ya’ll, it will happen soon. 😉

For now, tell me what you’ve been up too?! Anyone else getting married this year?


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