Hey Cowgirl! You are Beautiful just the way you are!

If you’re a part of my cowgirl community on Facebook then you’ve probably already seen this on there.  However, I wanted to make sure that the cowgirl’s who aren’t apart of the community still see this video too. That’s the reason for posting it on my blog as well.

I just watched this video and felt it NEEDED to be shared. I’m sure just about every woman in the world can relate to this video. It brought tears to my eyes and really touched me. We (woman) are very critical about ourselves and are oblivious to our own beauty. This video touches on that and shares one hell of a powerful message! If you are a woman I urge you to watch this! This will change the way you see yourself next time you look in the mirror!


We need to all stop looking at ourselves and only seeing our flaws. Girl, I’m hear to tell you, your beautiful! We all are beautiful and perfect in our own special ways. Don’t you forget that.

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