A New Fashionable Horse Wallet

Hey ya’ll! Have you been enjoying the spring weather?! I have! I can’t tell you how happy I am that the grass is finally growing, my horse’s winter coats are shedding, and it’s warm enough to ride every day and not freeze to death! Oh how I just love Spring time!

You know what else I love about Spring time? Putting away all my winter clothes and getting out my summer clothes. Not to mention, getting to shop for new outfits and stuff. What girl doesn’t enjoy that part. J

Speaking of new stuff, guess what I did just get! A brand new –much needed- wallet! I’ve been using the same wallet for the past 5 years! Crazy. I know. I’m not one to buy new purses or wallets. They just aren’t my thing. I use them but don’t care to buy them until I absolutely have to have them. I’m so bad about this that my best friend just bought me a new purse for my birthday because she was sick of seeing me carrying around the same one for the past year – which by the way was one I borrowed from her. Ha ha.

Well as luck would have it, I was contacted by Icon Shoes to write a review on one of their new “Charging Horse” collection items designed by Jim Zuckerman. After talking with them they sent me a new wallet to review – Perfect!



A Little Background on Icon Shoes

Icon Shoes first broke into the shoe market in 1999 with designer art-printed leather shoes. Since then, they have moved into selling all sorts of high quality leather accessories, handbags and more. All of their products are unique and skillfully designed by brilliant artists. You’ve got to check out the stuff they sell. I’m telling you, it’s so fascinating!


My New Charging Horse Wallet

I’m so excited to share this wallet with you guys. I am absolutely in love with it! This wallet is exactly what I like in a wallet. It zips so everything is stored in a secure place, it has lots of card holder spots. There is an inner zipper where I can store smaller papers such as my insurance card, business cards, etc. The money pockets on each side are big enough and not so tight that money fits into it perfectly. If I didn’t want to put money in there then I could just leave it inside the open area of the wallet. The thing I love most about this wallet is that I can store my checkbook easily inside it and still zip it without it feeling like its stuffed too much. It also has a zip pocket on the outside which I’m using to put coins.

The outside design is amazing. The wallet feels like it is definitely made with high quality leather. The picture of the charging horses is so detailed and beautiful as well. I’m shocked that that much detail can be on something so small and look so perfect. I will also say, I’ve been using the wallet for a few days now and after many times of pulling it in and out of my purse and setting it down places, the leather hasn’t gotten scuffed or messed up at all.



I’ve also gotten many compliments on it. People who see it really are taken back at how beautiful the art work is. I can definitely see me carrying around this wallet for the next 5 years…and longer. 😉 I love it!

If you’re interested in seeing what other products Icon Shoes has to offer, go here. I promise you will be just as fascinated with what you see as I was. You can also find them on Facebook.

Photo Credits to Icon Shoes


{Disclaimer}  As I stated above, I was asked by the company to review their product and in exchange for my review I was given this product at no cost. However, I have always and will always tell it like it is, so if I don’t like something I will be 100% honest about it.

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