Everyday Cowboy Boots from Ariat

In 5 more days, it will be my birthday and I’ve been trying to decide what I want to get. Today I’m leaning towards Cowboy Boots from Ariat but tomorrow could be a different story. I am your typical woman in the fact that I change my mind every 5 minutes. One day I want cowboy boots, the next I want clothes, and then when I ride I want new tack. My birthday is supposed to be a good day but instead I stress myself out trying to figure out what I want. :/ Are you like that? I over think everything! I have to think through everything I do before I do it so I know what all the possible outcomes are. Just like this, I have to make sure what ever I get is what I really want because this will be the only “big” purchase I make for a while. (I’m still trying to recoop from Vet Bills when Te Coliced..more about this later in the month.)

Now don’t get me wrong, I would love a pair of Lucchese or Old Gringo boots but those don’t fit in my budget this time. Plus, I’ve always owned Ariat boots and find they are very comfortable to wear. I’ve never owned anything other than Ariat and I’m afraid to spend a lot of money on a pair of boots that I might not be able to wear. I am extremely flat-footed and need boots that I can wear all day and not have sore feet come evening. Currently, I own a pair of Ariat Heritage RoughStock boots that I’ve had for a few years now. They still look brand new and are so comfortable to wear. My feet have spent many hours in those boots and not one time have they come out hurting. Not to mention, I can wear them all day and go out dancing at night in them and still not want to take them off! So anyway, here are some boots I’ve been looking at that fit into the price range I’m willing to spend. These boots are great every day barn boots but also can be cleaned up and worn out.





Do you like Ariat boots? What is your favorite pair or what do you currently own and like? 

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