Colorful Paracord Reins

If your a horse person and you show in a discipline that allows your horse to wear colorful tack or you just love colorful tack (like I do!), then I think you’ll love what I have to share today! 

I started making adjustable Paracord Reins! I started making these because I felt like I couldn’t find a set of reins in my “show colors” and I wanted a rein that was as strong as a thick rein but made thinner. I’m not a fan of bulky reins and I don’t like super wide reins. I prefer smaller reins and they have to be adjustable! Small and adjustable mean I can use them for trail riding and make them as long as necessary and keep them from being to bulky so that when need be I can hold a drink and my reins in one hand. 

8ft Paracord Reins for Barrel Racing and Trail Riding


Patterns & Prices

The ziz-zag pattern (2 sets on the left) are $40 plus shipping. The other reins are $20 plus shipping. If you 2 or more, I will combine shipping.

I also will accept custom orders, you tell me the colors and length you want, I’ll make them.

How to Pay

All the reins pictured above are for sale and can be paid for using Paypal.

Contact Me to Order

Please use the contact form on the contact page. 🙂


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