Best 6 of 2012: June Recap

Wow can you believe the year is half over! OMG I swear it flew by so fast. Before we know it summer will be over and Halloween will be here.

Ok enough of those thoughts. I don’t want it passing by too fast! Here’s a recap of some of the things that happened in June! Enjoy.


Training Horses: Two Methods that WorkTraining Horses: Two Methods that Work My ideas on training horses but trying to incorporate the great lessons of Clinton Anderson.
The Most Important time is Family Time {Pics}The Most Important time is Family Time {Pics} Here some pictures from my last family gathering. It’s so important to spend time with your family especially while you live close enough you can.
Don’t Miss OutkNC Cowgirl Social Media I thought I would just take a quick minute to remind you what social media sites I’m on in case you want to check out what’s going on over on those.
Toxic Thoughts: A Big “What if” DreamFollowing your Dreams I share my dream home in this post and talk about the fears associated with getting it.
A Tip for Diesel Trucks – Bet you didn’t know this!A Tip for Diesel Trucks Wasn’t long ago that my truck broke down and had to be towed to the shop. While there, the guy gave me an awesome tip for keeping my truck in good working condition and I share it with you in this post.
Best Fly Spray for Horses: What’s your pick? {Poll}A Tip for Diesel Trucks In this post I ask the question everyone who owns a horse wants to know..What is the best fly spray on the market? So far I’ve seen a decent amount of results but I’m hoping to see a lot more now that everyone is buying fly spray and using it. 🙂

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