Life Just Happens..

“Life just Happens”

That statement pretty much sums up the last few months for me. I haven’t been blogging much lately because life has been happening and I haven’t had time to write. I’ve wanted to and I would always add it to my “to do” list. It just never got crossed off. Till now.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about today. I just knew I needed to because I didn’t want another day to go by with me not posting anything. So I figured why not share what’s been going on and introduce you to the two newest additions to the family.

Say hello to Sky and Bentley. ๐Ÿ™‚


















Aren’t they just the cutest kitties!

These two have been consuming a lot of my time over the last couple of weeks. Their mom is a feral cat that has been hanging around the barn but will not let you get close to her. I didn’t know these two even existed until I found a black and white kitten I called Brody in between the wood and siding below one of the horses windows. I’m not sure if the mom left Brody or was in the middle of moving all of them. Either way I didn’t wait long enough to find out and ended up taking him in and taking care of him. I spent two weeks waking up every few hours feeding him and keeping him warm. He went with me everywhere tucked into his little home. Boy was he my baby and was I ever attached. Sadly he died in a freak accident when I wasn’t home one night. ๐Ÿ™ I cried like a baby for days too. After I got over the hurt and pain of losing him, I decided to trap the mom and put her with these kittens in my tack room until they are old enough to wean. At that point, I let her be free again and keep these babies.

On top of having these kittens to raise, we’ve been working on more projects around farm. We’ve finished all the fencing and are now in the process of building a hay shed. I’ll be writing about that soon. Wish I had thought to take pictures while we’ve been building it but I didn’t.

I hope to finish up the stalls this summer too but at this point nothing else has been done with them or the barn. I promise though, when we do finish it or work on it, I will post pictures!

I do have good news about Gracie! Her stile problems are gone and she is doing great! Leading up to January of this year, I was having to have a chiro out to re-adjust her once a month. Her hip wouldn’t stay in place among other places. Well in January I started working Gracie harder and trying to get her stifle to tighten up. It worked too. I just had the chiro out last week and that was the first time since January. She is loping on her right lead now on her own. She hasn’t locked up at all. Her attitude is so much better and relaxed. She really seems like a brand new horse. If all stays well I will be starting to exhibition her at shows this summer. Ahh I can’t wait! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well I don’t want this post to get super long so I think I’m going to end with that. I have a lot more I want to share and am going to make it a point to share it all over the next few weeks and get back to posting regularly. For those of you that are still reading the blog and keeping up with me, Thank You!

Stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, tell me what is new with you this summer! Do you have any new pets?


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    Weekend Cowgirl
    June 4, 2014 at 10:21 am

    Sky and Brantley are adorable! I love kittens!! We just finished a new hay room that is in one of our barns. It is ready for winter and so good to get it checked off our list. Our list keeps going and going! It it has been a very busy spring and hard for me to find time to blog also. I did better this week! Keep posting pics of the kittens- love them.
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