#FitHorse™ Week 2 Riding Routine

#FitHorse Week 1 is just about over! How did you do this week? Were you able to ride your horse everyday and do some type of work either in the arena or trail riding? I had a few challenges to overcome such as rainy weather and tight schedules but I was able to still get Gracie worked most days and Vinni a few. Luckily there are 2 days left in week 1 to work both of them. Today is suppose to be a break day but since they got a break early this week, I’m going to go ahead and work them tonight and tomorrow. Not to mention, week 1 wasn’t intensive for them since they stay out so much, so I don’t feel like I’m over doing it by working them.

Anyway, as with week 1, I plan to start week 2 on Sunday. I’m hoping to get riding time in the saddle but if not I’ll modify the plan to work my horses in the round pen. This plan is suppose to be flexible and the goal is to just work your horse and get them back into shape. So if you need to modify it to work with your schedule or your horses level then do so. I also want to hear from you and how your riding is going, so please share with us whats happening with you and your horse in the comments!

Have fun riding! Now let’s cowboy and cowgirl up!

FitHorse Week 2 Riding Exercises


If you’re new to #FitHorse and want to participate, you can read all about the details here.


Updates for Week 2:

Day 1: Worked Gracie and Vinni. Both did really great. We did hill work and leg yields.

Day 2-4: Wasn’t able to work any of my horses. It was either raining or I was in a hurry to get home. Yesterday I had to meet with the guy who is buying the barn I’m currently at, so I didn’t get to do much of anything. The meeting didn’t go as well as I had hoped either so I could be looking for a new place to move my horses to in a few weeks. Say some prayers for me.

*Disclaimer: FitHorse™ is in the process of being Trademarked by me. Please don’t use or copy this name/program without my permission. Thank you.




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