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Name: Ashley Agee
Date registered: October 6, 2011
AIM: Equestrianchik


I'm a small town Cowgirl living in Central NC. I own 3 wonderful horses that I do everything with. Currently, I love barrel racing, team penning, sorting, and trail riding. However, I've spent most of my child hood riding English on the Hunter Jumper circuit in FL. I work full-time as a SEO specialist for a Technology company in Greensboro, NC and spend my other time riding, being a mom, and keeping up my personal blog. My hopes are to one day turn my part-time blogging hobby into a full time job. My dream would be to travel to different events in the Equine Industry and talk about them through blogging.

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Squamous Cell Carcinoma on Rumor’s Eyelid

Earlier this year, Rumor, my black and white paint horse had a red spot come up on her eyelid. I was concerned when I first noticed it but didn’t want to rush to have the vet out until I knew for certain it was something worthy of an expensive equine vet visit. You know how …

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Reflections of a Productive and Fulfilling Week

It’s been 3 full weeks now since I quit my job to follow my dream of running my own business. I originally had plans to write daily about what I was doing with the business but have since realized daily isn’t really realistic. It takes time to sit and write about what I’m doing and that’s …

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A Mountain Getaway to Recharge My Soul

Earlier this week I went to the mountains of VA to visit Doug, ride horses and just getaway for a few days. I needed to get away so my soul could be recharged and revived. To a certain extent I knew the job I left was sucking the life out of me. I could tell …

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My Horse Camping Essentials

Fall is finally here and I couldn’t be more happy about it then I am! Fall is my favorite season for many reason but one of them is because I love to camp during this time of year. I love going camping in the mountains so I can see all the bright and beautiful colors …

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Life of an Entrepreneur Day 1

In case you missed my announcement yesterday…I quit my day job to run my own business! Day 1 Recap Yesterday felt like an odd day… I wasn’t dreading Monday for once. Seems like that could be a perk to being an entrepreneur. I wasn’t sure what to do with my self even though I had …

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I Quit My Day Job to Run My Own Business

Good Morning! It’s 8:05 am on a Monday morning and I’m sitting here drinking my coffee trying to figure out how to tell you about my latest life changing event. Ahh heck… I QUIT MY JOB!! I’m officially self-employed! This was one of the toughest and S-C-A-R-I-E-S-T decisions I’ve made in a long time. Not …

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Ants and Horses = Bad Combination

OMG ya’ll. I have never had a horse get eaten up by ants as bad as Te did a few weeks ago. It was awful! If you follow me on Instagram (northcarolinacowgirl) you probably saw the video I posted of Te’s leg. It’s now been a few weeks and it has finally healed up so …

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Two Horse Tack Bitless Bridle Review

Y’all I love riding my horse in the pasture, bareback with just a lead rope and halter. I think I love it so much because it’s so free feeling. I actually love it so much I’ve taken my horse a couple places and ridden her bareback with a halter and lead on a trail ride. …

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