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Name: Ashley Agee
Date registered: October 6, 2011
AIM: Equestrianchik


I'm a small town Cowgirl living in Central NC. I own 3 wonderful horses that I do everything with. Currently, I love barrel racing, team penning, sorting, and trail riding. However, I've spent most of my child hood riding English on the Hunter Jumper circuit in FL. I work full-time as a SEO specialist for a Technology company in Greensboro, NC and spend my other time riding, being a mom, and keeping up my personal blog. My hopes are to one day turn my part-time blogging hobby into a full time job. My dream would be to travel to different events in the Equine Industry and talk about them through blogging.

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The End of a Hiatus

Ya’ll I’m still here – I promise! I’ve been on quite the hiatus though and want to tell you what’s been going on. I’m going to try and keep this post short and sweet so I don’t bore you. As you’ve probably notice the second half of this past year I wasn’t exactly present much …

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A Black and White Dream Come True

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of owning a horse of every color. My very first horse was an Appaloosa named Freckles. She was beautiful to me. A big white canvas with speckles of brown and black all over. Her short thin mane use to stick up in the air and wave …

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{Product Review} The Horse Holster

Happy Hump Day Ya’ll!! 2 more days till the weekend! I.can.not.wait. It would be great though if NC was not in the path of Hurricane Matthew. If it doesn’t make it to us, then I’m planning to take Rumor and go for a nice trail ride. If it does, I guess I’ll be stuck home …

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Season 2, Barrel Race #10: 1st in the 4D

Hey! Happy Monday….NOT! I swear the weekends go by too fast and we should have more days off then just 2 a week. Anyway though, if you follow me on Instagram then you know I spent Saturday at a barrel race. While it’s still fresh on my mind, I wanted to make sure I went ahead and did the …

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A Scary (Cast) Situation

Good Morning!  I think I’m still trying to recover this morning after my eventful evening. I now know in bad human situations I can stay calm, but in bad horsey situation (i.e my horse cast again a fence), forget it. I Panic. For the most part, yesterday was like any other day. I got home …

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Season 2, Barrel Race #9: 3rd in the 4D

Grilling at the Horse show

Hey Ya’ll! How was your weekend? Did you do any barrel racing or riding? Rumor and I went to a barrel race this weekend and despite being super out of shape and having no practice we did pretty decent. I’ve spent the last few weeks just riding and getting her wind up and haven’t even worked her …

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End of Summer Photo Dump

Ahh, I can’t believe Summer is coming to an end. No more hot days. No more Lake days. 🙁 No more sun shining late into the evening. I’ve noticed the sun is going down sooner and sooner. It won’t be long before it’s dark at 6pm again. I know I’ve been super quiet this summer …

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A Summer of Happiness and Sadness

Wow, I can’t believe my last post was in May. Sooo much has happened since then.  The biggest news….I got MARRIED!! I married my Fireman at Lake Norman on June 10th! We had a beautiful lakeside ceremony with all of our immediate family there. As soon as I get the pictures from the photographer I’ll …

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