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Name: Ashley Agee
Date registered: October 6, 2011
AIM: Equestrianchik


I'm a small town Cowgirl living in Central NC. I own 3 wonderful horses that I do everything with. Currently, I love barrel racing, team penning, sorting, and trail riding. However, I've spent most of my child hood riding English on the Hunter Jumper circuit in FL. I work full-time as a SEO specialist for a Technology company in Greensboro, NC and spend my other time riding, being a mom, and keeping up my personal blog. My hopes are to one day turn my part-time blogging hobby into a full time job. My dream would be to travel to different events in the Equine Industry and talk about them through blogging.

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  4. Barn Improvements Part 3: Arched Stall Fronts Complete — January 20, 2015
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Colorful Paracord Reins

If your a horse person and you show in a discipline that allows your horse to wear colorful tack or you just love colorful tack (like I do!), then I think you’ll love what I have to share today!  I started making adjustable Paracord Reins! I started making these because I felt like I couldn’t find …

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Why She’s Good for My Soul

Remember Rumor? The cutest little black and white horse that came to live with me back in October. Well let me tell you, this little mare has been so much fun to have around these past few months. Not only was her arrival perfect timing in order to help keep my mind occupied after losing …

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A Sign of Colic – Swollen Sheath

Good Afternoon and Happy Monday! I can’t believe how fast the weekends go by.   How was your weekend? Did you do any riding? My weekend was filled with horsey activities! Since the weather was super nice – Finally! – I got to ride Saturday and Sunday! YAY! But Saturday sure didn’t start off like …

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Barn Improvements Part 3: Arched Stall Fronts Complete

You may remember back in August 2013 we started renovating our barn so that it looked more like a horse barn and less like a building with thrown together stalls inside it. (I mean literally the stalls were made from scratch pieces of lumber.) We started out by gutting the barn and getting rid of …

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I have been doing quite a bit of daydreaming lately. The weather here hasn’t been that great for a little while and all it seems like it does is rain. It has rain so much that trails are nasty wet and my arena looks like sweet potato soup. Just when you get excited for a …

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